It is my intention to recognize the committed work of writers who agree with the aforesaid aspect: Poetry without words, that it is due to Nature and its transcendent involvement in our lives.
Debrah Riddleton is a young writer, who from my point of view, converge seamlessly into this belief, perhaps more than an environmentalist or puritanical. Their excellent work is proof conclusive of her loving appreciation for nature and its poetic expression.
Here I play one of her blog entries ( )

My abstraction by nature finds an expression through poetry. When I learned the true meaning of ecstasy, I discovered an aspect of my sense of wonder, before unexplored.
In Echoes of nature, I attempt to establish that the man violates it, hits it, hurts it, and yet its ability to remake is superior to our capacity for destruction.
Most likely one day everybody will disappear from the face of the earth, and I am sure she will find a way to create a new life, and its echoes will be like the beat of a heart that never stops.


I like to listen to the echoes of the nature.
In silence, they are present everywhere
like wanting always remember us
they are there, perennial, intransmutables.

They seem waves of a sea that never stops.
They oscillate pendular and they attract my lost glance.
They do not cry, they do not moan, they only are there,
remembering to me that they are echoes of a past.

They are voices of the nature, that announce
Its presence for not to forget,
that the humans, we are of step,
and they, will be always in the dawn.

Debrah Riddleton

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What is the meaning of: Poetry in words?

In an orthodox sense, poetry is the expression of ideas and feelings through words articulated harmonious, aesthetic and under a desired structure. Talk about rhyming poetry or prose, is delving into the very essence of classical literature. Great writers have been vaunted for their dedication and brilliant performance in the world of poetry.
Now when I say poetry in words, I try to tell it what to me is the goddess of poetry: Nature. From my point of view, is the most pure, legitimate, beautiful and profound that can exist on earth. It requires no words, then then there is a language. No need of grammar rules, much less regional idioms or meanings.
It is divine expression, higher-order without exponents or authors. It is designed and self-correcting over time. Fits every time and every place. It is expressed through their own kingdoms and governments have no powers beyond the wise and fair balance of life beyond life.
This blog is intended to address both lines of expression without trying to converge or diverge. It is simply. My intention is to capture my thoughts and those of others, from this perspective.
I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Yurgen Latier

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